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REKO offers a Business Development program unique to fulfillment companies

Incubate your business with REKO



You can incubate your business by outsourcing to REKO

You started with a great idea and you’ve got an amazing product, but now you’re overwhelmed with the reality of the massive amount of capital outlay it takes to get a product to market. We’ll partner with you to guide you through the maze of marketing, internet services and order fulfillment decisions. Capitalize on REKO’s experience and success in developing the 'brick & mortar' side of E-commerce businesses!

Grow your business with REKO!



Save your capital for inventory and business essentials.

You’ve got strong sales through traditional retail distribution channels and are ready to make the leap into cyberspace! Our web development team will help you build your website and decide which eCommerce shopping cart is the best fit for your business, our design team will help with brand and marketing strategies and our business team will make sure all the little details are covered.


Turn your inventory into profits with REKO



Our Quick Turn Team will help you turn your inventory into profits!

You’re successfully marketing your products through internet direct sales but are buried in internal inefficiency relevant to daily distribution. The burden of dealing with customer service issues is so draining that you find your company in a stagnant position since you no longer have time to focus on your strengths. Team up in a true, joint-venture partner who has your success in mind and you'll be crowing over your success!

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