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At Reko "free shipping" will cost you less.

Is your fulfillment bill as confusing as your cell phone bill?
Tired of being 'nickel-and-dimed' to the point you can't make a profit?

Choose the Leader in Flat Fee Fulfillment!


Our location gives you more free-shipping options.
We all know that 'Free Shipping' isn't really free. And yet most customers expect even the smallest on-line retailers to compete with Amazon. Being able to offer free shipping is often the key to closing the sale. Our central location means you can save on shipping and still deliver anywhere in the Continental US in 3 days or less.

Flat Fee per Package

One low fee per package
In most cases your customers' shipping and handling fee will cover all of your fulfillment charges - postage, packaging, warehousing of your product, call center professionals, e-commerce secure shopping cart and credit card processing.

Superior Service

Live, friendly customer service.
Fully scalable to your business needs.
Ship 100 orders per month? Just appeared on Shark Tank and your volume is about to explode? Our dedicated team of professionals is Mid-West friendly and committed to helping you maintain and grow your most precious resource - your customers. From taking an order, to getting it shipped and all the steps in between, we know that excellent customer service is the key to growing a great business!

Save Money with our Automation

Capitalize on REKO's investments to reduce your costs.
By outsourcing to REKO you are 'renting' cutting edge warehouse, fulfillment and shipping technologies. REKO's commitment to re-invest in state-of-the-art equipment, such as automated carousel storage and retrieval systems, reduces your costs. You CAN afford the very best!

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