Our Story

Founded twenty-five years ago by Janis and Terry Reed, REKO is a pioneer in the fulfillment industry having been involved since the dawn of the internet. The Reeds were exposed to the industry as a result of Terry’s 1994 bestselling book, and after a nightmarish experience with an unscrupulous and mismanaged fulfillment company, they decided to take charge of their livelihood and destiny and take over their own fulfillment. This meant obtaining an 800 number and getting approved for a credit card merchant account which was difficult to do in the early days since banks were suspicious of any transaction in which the customer was not present.

In those pre-internet days, Talk Radio was their marketing arm and orders came to them on thermal fax paper, credit cards were processed by a dial-up modem, and buying postage entailed daily trips to the post office with a postage meter. They were soon pursued by other authors, manufacturers and entrepreneurs who wanted to sell direct to their customers and bypass the middleman, so they quickly outgrew their garage and their staff which was comprised of their 3 sons.

Fast forward to today. REKO now has multiple warehouses with plans to expand to nearly double their size in order to accommodate cross-docking, and has grown from carrying 1 book title to over 25,000 different products!

When ecommerce and fulfillment were only buzzwords, there was no out-of-the-box software to address the unique requirements of flexible, soft coded multi-client warehouse management systems. So….REKO built their own propriety software with their in-house software development team that, to this day, has caused REKO to distance itself from the competition.

The Reeds continue to reinvest in technology, and REKO’s state-of-the-art storage and retrieval systems and automation equipment allows for picking and packing a high volume of orders (up to 3000 per shift per warehouse) with a 99.9% accuracy rate. Cutting-edge, cloud based software offers 24/7 visibility to REKO’s clients to allow them to track real time order activity and inventory levels.

The Reeds relish watching their clients bring new products to market and have witnessed many success stories. Their Clients have received an array of national attention from appearances on Shark Tank, Chopped, The View, The Talk, ABC’s GMA, and the Today show, along with receiving endorsements from Martha Stewart to Oprah.

REKO’s clients have endearingly called them a “boutique” fulfillment provider due to their ever-expanding line of personalized services, and have coined the term REKO Rapid Response which rivals Amazon Prime shipping and efficiencies. And the Reeds are quick to point out that they wouldn’t be where they are today without the dedication of a tight knit group of long-term employees who are committed to providing an excellent customer experience…..beginning with behind-the-scenes shopping cart programming and culminating with package delivery.

The Reeds have adapted over the years to stay relevant in an extremely competitive business and think their agility has contributed to their longevity. As they like to say to potential clients: Conserve your capital and outsource your ecommerce needs to the professionals. Let REKO do what we do best so you can do what you do best: Market and Grow your business!

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