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  • Main office: Springville center X264, Park Ave S.01
  • Call us (123) 456-7890 - (123) 555-7891

How REKO is Different

You don’t have to push 14 different buttons to find the right extension when you call us. You can talk to a real person immediately!
We’re family owned which means a WOMAN and a VETERAN are at the helm.
Our tight knit group of long-term employees is committed to providing an excellent customer experience. Their resumes include stints at Nintendo, United Airlines, FEMA, an international retail chain, and other fulfillment operations and distribution centers.
Well, that’s not an original term but our Client’s say our packages are shipped and delivered as quickly as Amazon Prime. We like to call this service the 3 Rs: REKO Rapid Response!
Do you have a one-time special project? Let’s talk! You don’t have to have a long term contract with us. Just give us a little notice and we’ll bring in our standby team to make it happen. We’re scale-able to help meet your every need.
Do you have a marketing idea? Run it by us and we’ll help you fine-tune it based on our experiences….and we’ve had a lot of experiences!
Our clients aren’t faceless accounts. We’re about relationships! Just a phone call or email away, our clients have their own account manager providing personalized service and immediate attention to their needs.
Due to our wide array of creative services, we’ve been referred to as a “boutique” fulfillment center. Sure, we can build a gorgeous gift basket, but we like industrial accounts too. Let us ship your nuts and bolts!
Who has time to keep up with dim weights and new shipping and sales tax regulations? We do our best to keep our clients informed. Follow our blog to get the latest ecommerce news!
This has been our mantra since Day One. Sometimes we ended up with a migraine, but at least it won’t be your migraine! You don’t need to be tracking a lost package or trying to calculate dimensional weights. What’s a dim weight? You need to know. Outsource to REKO Fulfillment so you have time to be creative and grow your business. We want to be your partner!

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