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Editor & CEO

Pioneer in Internet News

Washington DC

Running an internet news service is tougher than it looks. But one component of our business is never a worry. That’s our fulfillment operation – outsourced to REKO. Janis Reed and her crew are real pros and thoroughly understand customer service – from the customer’s point of view.


Highly Successful Online Nutraceutical Company

Our company was successful and expanding, but doing our own fulfillment was beginning to drain our energies. The more successful our marketing and sales, the longer it took us to get our orders out. It got to the point where we were working seven days a week to keep up with everything. Through a recommendation, we contacted REKO more then 10 years ago now and hired them to do our fulfillment. Best business decision I ever made! They are a joy to work with. They continue to meet our company's needs as we expand and are intensely service oriented. This has allowed us to put our time and attention primarily into marketing and sales, and that has resulted in our company expanding over 500% since we started working with them.


Independent Film Maker & Official Selection Sundance Film Festival

Janis and the entire team at Reko are beyond fantastic. I was lucky enough to be able to visit their warehouse and office space just outside of Kansas City and was truly impressed by their facility, their team, their systems and all of their many efficiencies that go above and beyond what one might expect to see in a traditional fulfillment house. Janis and Terry (and our account rep!) are awesome! We have very high standards for our level of service and the Reko team absolutely delivers.

Renowned Medical Expert & President

ADHD & Autism Studies Clinic

Through our collaboration with REKO, our marketing became more focused and more productive and our revenues have continued to increase. And through their monthly reports, we finally got control of our inventory. We are so pleased with their customer service and how well they represent us. Working with the REKO staff feels like an extension of our own company. It is a seamless and cooperative effort. We are located in Texas but REKO proves there is no distance when you have a good company working for you.

Documentary Film Maker

Independent Film Production Company

Throughout the past 25+ years, in the running of my business, I have done some things right and some things wrong. At the top of the "right list" is my partnership with REKO Marketing and Fulfillment. It is much like hiring employees, yet they only get paid when the orders are fulfilled. What a deal! Without them it would be like being back in the dark ages. I can honestly say that I don't know what I would do without them.

Author & Producer

Kansas City, Missouri

I have worked with REKO for many years. They have done a super job with all my books and videos. Their reports are precise and helpful and their personal service is outstanding. I could not imagine working with anyone else.

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